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Congratulations flower shelves created by Điện Hoa Vietnam was much appreciated by customers in the luxury elements and monumental.

In particular, Điện Hoa Vietnam actively design and personalize the big iron and art shelves, creating a difference in style for your shelves will make your stand out when standing next to the other.
  • Code: HKE-007216

    Price: 3.105.000 VND

  • Code: HKE-008216

    Price: 1.782.500 VND

  • Code: HKE-10216

    Price: 1.978.000 VND

  • Code: HKE-11216

    Price: 1.891.750 VND

  • Code: HKE-12216

    Price: 1.052.250 VND

  • Code: HKE-2316

    Price: 1.633.000 VND

  • Code: HKE-2317

    Price: 1.086.750 VND

  • Code: HKE-1017

    Price: 1.972.250 VND

  • Code: HKE-2412

    Price: 2.300.000 VND

  • Code: HKE-2413

    Price: 1.437.500 VND

  • Code: HKE-2414

    Price: 1.667.500 VND

  • Code: HKE-2510

    Price: 1.891.750 VND

  • Code: HKE-2511

    Price: 1.420.250 VND

  • Code: HKE-0917

    Price: 1.437.500 VND

  • Code: HKE-0918

    Price: 1.794.000 VND

  • Code: HKE-0921

    Price: 1.414.500 VND

  • Code: HKE-0922

    Price: 807.250 VND

  • Code: HKE-0923

    Price: 1.966.500 VND

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