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With a vase, Flower can be arrange with Western style. Simple, gentle, especially it can be fresh for longer;

Điện Hoa Vietnam delivered to customers the most beautiful models. The special vase is also a gift or a souvernier.

Notice: Incase the vase is run out of stock, it can be replace by the similar one.

  • Code: HBI-3413

    Price: 1.874.500 VND

  • Code: HBI-3314

    Price: 828.000 VND

  • Code: HBI-201602

    Price: 2.127.500 VND

  • Code: HBI-201603

    Price: 1.437.500 VND

  • Code: HBI-5117

    Price: 1.725.000 VND

  • Code: HBI-2231

    Price: 1.419.025 VND

  • Code: HBI-2234

    Price: 1.897.500 VND

  • Code: HBI-2234

    Price: 1.737.995 VND

  • Code: HBI-2237

    Price: 1.225.495 VND

  • Code: HBI-2238

    Price: 762.205 VND

  • Code: HBI-8033

    Price: 765.300 VND

  • Code: HBI-3702

    Price: 723.500 VND

  • Code: HBI-9266

    Price: 1.245.600 VND

  • Code: HBI-6743

    Price: 722.600 VND

  • Code: HBI-09215

    Price: 1.688.000 VND

  • Code: HBI-09216

    Price: 1.432.100 VND

  • Code: HGI-09214

    Colour of the Sun

    Colour of the Sun

    Price: 1.789.000 VND

  • Code: HBI-2514

    Forever Happy

    Forever Happy

    Price: 1.981.450 VND

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