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Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Điện Hoa Vietnam is one of the pioneering trend style Wedding Flowers in each wedding season in HCM City. Wedding Flowers is designed by Điện Hoa Vietnam always get the good review from customer in style - art - creative.

A bouquet flowers Bride will include a set of Groom's suite.

Điện Hoa Vietnam supplies a full services in flower decoration for Wedding parting include: Bride Flowers, Welcome Gate, Bride Car, Stage, Party table, Recetipion table,  lobby, ...

When ordering wedding flowers, please contact us via the number (08) 3840 4701 -
0919 673 738, design staffs will listen to directly request and advise you about the types of flowers and styles designed ...

  • Code: HCU-T03

    Price: 74.382 VND

  • Code: HCU-D01

    Price: 113.850 VND

  • Code: HCU-A17

    Price: 74.382 VND

  • Code: HCU-A16

    Price: 50.600 VND

  • Code: HCU-A14

    Price: 44.275 VND

  • Code: HCU-A12

    Price: 85.008 VND

  • Code: HCU-A10

    Price: 74.382 VND

  • Code: HCU-A09

    Price: 55.255 VND

  • Code: HCU-A08

    Price: 15.180 VND

  • Code: HCU-A07

    Price: 80.758 VND

  • Code: HCU-A06

    Price: 116.886 VND

  • Code: HCU-A05

    Price: 53.130 VND

  • Code: HCU-A04

    Price: 68.006 VND

  • Code: HCU-329

    Price: 680.064 VND

  • Code: HCU-328

    Price: 885.500 VND

  • Code: HCU-321

    Price: 695.750 VND

  • Code: HCU-309

    Price: 607.200 VND

  • Code: HCU-307

    Price: 860.200 VND

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