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Send to share condolences for the loss of a person, a family ... Điện Hoa Vietnam E-flora to send to all the provinces across the country. The models in this area is mostly applied in Saigon and Hanoi. Other areas, please go to the Domestic E-flora menu.

There are a few notes after you send sympathy :

- North Traditionally, condolence are usually rounded plug. If the loss of young, juvenile, you should use pure white flowers.

Flowers should be mourned in the time after shrouding and before burial.

  • Code: HTA-206

    Price: 1.075.250 VND

  • Code: HTA-220

    Price: 1.075.250 VND

  • Code: HTA-1260

    Price: 1.534.129 VND

  • Code: HTA-1413

    Price: 1.075.250 VND

  • Code: HTA-000915

    Price: 4.025.000 VND

  • Code: HTA-01216

    Price: 2.127.500 VND

  • Code: HTA-03216

    Price: 1.725.000 VND

  • Code: HTA-11216

    Price: 2.248.250 VND

  • Code: HTA-12216

    Price: 2.277.000 VND

  • Code: HTA-14216

    Price: 1.859.550 VND

  • Code: HTA-10201

    Price: 1.077.550 VND

  • Code: HTA-11201

    Price: 1.184.500 VND

  • Code: HTA-12201

    Price: 1.897.500 VND

  • Code: HCB-2315

    Price: 1.299.500 VND

  • Code: HCB-2316

    Price: 1.633.000 VND

  • Code: HCB-2317

    Price: 1.322.500 VND

  • Code: HCB-2318

    Price: 1.394.950 VND

  • Code: HTA-0717

    Price: 1.897.500 VND

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