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Elegant fresh flowers is an appropriate gift for many occasions, especially the lovers give each other. Bouquets from Điện Hoa  Vietnam are professionally designed, with a combination of creative and artistic works from the different flowers ... More particularly, the artisans at Điện Hoa Vietnam also use more advanced type of paper, elegant in design bouquets.

Take a look and choose your favorite models in this section ....

  • Code: HBO-005

    Price: 777.450 VND

  • Code: HBO-1264

    Price: 1.537.000 VND

  • Code: HBO-000316

    Price: 828.000 VND

  • Code: HBO-2315

    Price: 867.100 VND

  • Code: HBO-2317

    Price: 820.000 VND

  • Code: HBO-2318

    Price: 2.817.500 VND

  • Code: HBO-2319

    Price: 668.250 VND

  • Code: HBO-2320

    Price: 712.825 VND

  • Code: HBO-2321

    Price: 1.270.750 VND

  • Code: HBO-0717

    Price: 2.760.000 VND

  • Code: HBO-2418

    Price: 622.350 VND

  • Code: HBO-2513

    Price: 661.250 VND

  • Code: HBO-2515

    Price: 1.371.050 VND

  • Code: HBO-0016

    Price: 885.040 VND

  • Code: HBO-0019

    Price: 834.440 VND

  • Code: HBO-0020

    Price: 744.325 VND

  • Code: HBO-0023

    Price: 456.175 VND

  • Code: HBO-0026

    Price: 882.625 VND

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