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United Kingdom

  • Mã SP: 480509-UK

    Giá: 3.300.141 VND

  • Mã SP: 480709-UK

    Giá: 5.839.391 VND

  • Mã SP: 481209-UK

    Giá: 3.769.062 VND

  • Mã SP: 481309-UK

    Giá: 3.769.062 VND

  • Mã SP: 481409-UK

    Giá: 3.804.452 VND

  • Mã SP: 481609-UK

    Giá: 4.246.830 VND

  • Mã SP: 482409-UK

    Giá: 4.706.903 VND

  • Mã SP: 482809-UK

    Giá: 4.246.830 VND

  • Mã SP: 483209-UK

    Giá: 6.625.055 VND

  • Mã SP: 483309-UK

    Giá: 3.282.446 VND

  • Mã SP: HTB-UK

    Giá: 3.277.137 VND

  • Mã SP: SGF-UK

    Giá: 2.640.113 VND

  • Mã SP: WR-UK

    Giá: 4.246.830 VND

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I don't know what words I can say to make You know how much I'm greatful for Your job!!! Thank You 1000 times and have a good day! Your happy customer from Russia 
Cam on Dien Hoa ve lang hoa ra dep trong ngay ban rom 20.10. Me toi rat vui ve mon qua. Toi that su biet on Dien Hoa day vi da lau roi toi chang gui qua ve cho me. Toi cung se rao thong tin cua hang Dien Hoa Viet Nam den cong dong nguoi Vietnam o hai ngoai. That su biet on. 
I would like to express my whole heartedly thanks to the prompt delivery and good service provided. All my requests was being fulfilled by your friendly staff. You are always so willing to accommodate, so willing to serve, that's why I'll always use 
Me toi rat hai long voi lang hoa ma cac ban da thiet ke va chuyen phat. Nhung nguoi song xa dat nuoc nhu chung toi that lay lam cam kich truoc nhung ho tro tu phia quy dich vu. Chung toi se loan bao ve dich vu cua quy cong ty den cong dong Viet nam o hai ngoai. Chuc may man. 
Minh rat la appreciate thai do phuc vu khach hang cua Cong ty :). Hy vong sau lan dau tien nay, minh se co nhieu dip duoc hop tac voi Diep cung nhu Cong ty hon nua :). Cam on Diep that nhieu.... 

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