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Mã/Tên SP Giá Số lượng
Tổng cộng 0 VND


  • Mã SP: WRR-UK

    Giá: 11.565.534 VND

  • Mã SP: WR-UKR

    Giá: 10.769.253 VND

  • Mã SP: MCF-UK

    Giá: 3.995.559 VND

  • Mã SP: FLBR-UK

    Giá: 5.588.120 VND

  • Mã SP: FLB-UK

    Giá: 4.791.840 VND

  • Mã SP: 5112

    Giá: 3.995.559 VND

  • Mã SP: 5110

    Giá: 10.769.253 VND

  • Mã SP: 5109

    Giá: 3.600.958 VND

  • Mã SP: 5108

    Giá: 5.189.980 VND

  • Mã SP: 5107

    Giá: 4.712.212 VND

  • Mã SP: 5103

    Giá: 5.189.980 VND

  • Mã SP: 5101

    Giá: 14.276.427 VND

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Hi Điện Hoa Việt Nam. Hoa rất đẹp, cắm rất nghệ thuật và ấn tượng. Chúc công ty luôn phát đạt và có nhiều khách hàng nhé. Mình sẽ quảng bá hết mình cho Điện Hoa Việt Nam 
Men chao DHVN, Toi chi muon gui mot loi cam on tu Tay Duc. Nguoi duoc tang da rat hai long va rat vui voi gio hoa hong " rat dep" cua DHVN trong ngay sinh nhat. Chi bay nhieu thoi thi nguoi gui tang, du khong nhin thay hoa, cung man nguyen roi. Toi se tiep tuc gioi thieu san pham cua DHVN den cac than huu ben nay. Mot lan nua, chan thanh cam on DHVN ! Men chuc DHVN ngay cang dat nhieu thanh qua moi. Men chao! 
Minh rat la appreciate thai do phuc vu khach hang cua Cong ty :). Hy vong sau lan dau tien nay, minh se co nhieu dip duoc hop tac voi Diep cung nhu Cong ty hon nua :). Cam on Diep that nhieu.... 
I have been more than impressed with the service provided to me by Dien Hoa Viet Nam. I have received more compliments from this Company than any other I have used in the past. So much talent and care has gone into each and every request I have made, this has resulted in many "thanks" to myself and our company. I could not be happier with the service I have received and without a doubt will continue to use Dien Hoa Viet Nam. I look forward to working with you in the future...  
I've been using Dien Hoa Viet Nam’s services for quite some time and have always been pleased with their selection of flowers as well as their excellent customer service. I recommend them to all of our clients!  

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