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Mã/Tên SP Giá Số lượng
Tổng cộng 0 VND

South Africa

  • Mã SP: WR-SOU

    Giá: 2.640.113 VND

  • Mã SP: SGF-SOU

    Giá: 966.154 VND

  • Mã SP: MCF-SOU

    Giá: 2.319.831 VND

  • Mã SP: FLB-SOU

    Giá: 2.332.217 VND

  • Mã SP: 226-SOU

    Giá: 3.356.765 VND

  • Mã SP: 225-SOU

    Giá: 3.356.765 VND

  • Mã SP: 221-SOU

    Giá: 3.356.765 VND

  • Mã SP: 219-SOU

    Giá: 3.356.765 VND

  • Mã SP: 217-SOU

    Giá: 3.356.765 VND

  • Mã SP: 215-SOU

    Giá: 2.958.625 VND

  • Mã SP: 214-SOU

    Giá: 4.154.815 VND

  • Mã SP: 12RS-SOU

    Giá: 2.640.113 VND

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Lời khách hàng

I've been using Dien Hoa Viet Nam’s services for quite some time and have always been pleased with their selection of flowers as well as their excellent customer service. I recommend them to all of our clients!  
I would like to express my whole heartedly thanks to the prompt delivery and good service provided. All my requests was being fulfilled by your friendly staff. You are always so willing to accommodate, so willing to serve, that's why I'll always use 
"Sử dụng Điện Hoa Việt Nam đã hơn 2 năm nay, tôi rất hài lòng với dịch vụ của Điện Hoa, đặc biệt là Hoa Văn Phòng cắm định kỳ hàng tuần. Hoa luôn tươi mới, đẹp làm cho quầy Lễ Tân ấn tượng hẳn lên trong mắt khách đến giao dịch..." 
Tinh yeu cua chung toi co cong rat lon cua Dien Hoa Viet Nam. Tu luc con o Vietnam den luc qua ben nay. Rat mong rang cac ban se la luon la "nhip cau noi yeu thuong". Cam on nhung giup do trong thoi gian qua. Se luon ung ho cac ban. 
I have been more than impressed with the service provided to me by Dien Hoa Viet Nam. I have received more compliments from this Company than any other I have used in the past. So much talent and care has gone into each and every request I have made, this has resulted in many "thanks" to myself and our company. I could not be happier with the service I have received and without a doubt will continue to use Dien Hoa Viet Nam. I look forward to working with you in the future...  

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